20 Giugno 2022

KYB103 860326
Creating Magnetic fields to Expand Your Inner Self
NM382 A10212
Acknowledge God Rip Off the Cause and Effect of Karma

21 Giugno 2022

I 10 corpi
Keeping up the spirit
M146 980831
Social and personal psyche
LA754 930203
Fear 13 blow your mind away . Against Insensibility
NM387 A10312
From Moment to Moment For Contentment
Kriya Antistress
Simple Morning Set

22 Giugno 2022

Exercise Set for sciatic nerve
NM421 A11016
Let Your Purity Guide You guided meditation with the master Into the Heart of the Lord
M141 971207
Meditation To Bless Yourself
NM427 A11201
The Art of Meditation Deepening Awareness
M051b 891203
I change the serum of the spine and the gray matter to do a deep meditation, and experience the intuition
To release stored pain and refresh yourself
Medical Seminar

23 Giugno 2022

LA917 970502
Tonight we are going inside the hypothalamus with the thalamus and we are going to deep mediate
NM141 940613
Ardh Karni Secret kriya to clean subconscious
NM270 980401
Accessing the Knowledge of the Universe
Autoallineamento della colonna vertebrale
Il tesoro di Guru Nanak
LA877 960604
Self Realization
Amarti Mudra

24 Giugno 2022

Elevation Kriya
LA854 951212 -The Turiya
KWTC 860711 - Shiv (compassion)
NM357 A00821 - The Self-Sensory System and Relationships Connect with the Sensory System
NM420 A11015 - The Power of Memories guided meditation with the master
Coordination of Body Mind by Spirit
NM423 A11027 - Coexistence Guided Meditation with the Master
Pure Being.
LA907 970311
Burn the Subconscious “Life is Love”
NM329 991008 - Ego and Divinity Do Not Meet! Self-Initiative

25 Giugno 2022

Nabhi Kriya
Remove Negativity
Polarity Balance
Meditation Don’t Meditate
LA779 930916 - You have 3 personalities, one is the real personality, one is the working personality and the last is your fantasy
NM139 940530 - Start recognizing your identity
NM384 A10219 - Discipline Hust Kriya
LA540 870527 - Balance the hemispheres of the brain

26 Giugno 2022

Short and sweet kriya to get energy moving
Shiv Kriya
M116 951121 - Prepare yourself to face the challenges of life
Strong Nerves